A handout photo from the police shows the wreckage of a burned Nissan GTR car after an accident that kills Deputy Attorney General Arminsyah on the Jagorawi toll road near Jakarta on Saturday afternoon. (B1 Photo)

Deputy Attorney General Dies in Car Accident


APRIL 04, 2020

Jakarta. Deputy Attorney General Arminsyah died instantly on Saturday after his car hit a street barrier and burst into flame on a toll road near Jakarta. 

Police said a passenger in the car survived the accident and was taken to the hospital in critical conditions.


"There was a traffic accident that killed one person. A passenger who sustained injuries has been taken to the Bina Husada Hospital," Jakarta Police spokesman Chief Comr. Yusri Yunus told reporters.

"The deceased is identified as Arminsyah, the deputy attorney general," he said.

Identity of the passenger is not disclosed.

According to preliminary investigation, the accident occurred at Kilometer 13 of the Jagorawi toll road when the car, a Nissan GTR, hit the street barrier at around 2.25 p.m., Yusri said. No other vehicle was involved in the accident, he added.

The car burst into flame immediately after the impact, he said.

Amateur videos circulating in social media platforms showed the sports car was engulfed in blaze and reduced to its frame.

A spokesman for the Attorney General’s Office said the remains of Arminsyah have been taken to his home in Tanjung Barat, South Jakarta.

Arminsyah, 59, was appointed as deputy attorney general in November 2017, two years after he earned doctoral degree on criminology from Airlangga University in Surabaya

The native of Padang, West Sumatra, first got his top flight job at the Attorney General’s Office in 2009 as director of investigation at the special crimes unit, which handles major graft cases and human rights violations.

He then spent four years as the head of provincial prosecutor office in Lampung and East Java, respectively.

He returned to the AGO in 2014 as the deputy for intelligence, and a year later rose to the deputy attorney general for special crimes.


Jaksa Agung ST. Burhanuddin (tengah) didampingi Wakil Jaksa Agung Arminsyah (kiri) dan Jaksa Agung Muda Tindak Pidana Khusus M Adi Toegarisman (kanan) mengikuti rapat kerja bersama Komisi III DPR di Kompleks Parlemen Senayan, Jakarta, Senin (20/1/2020). Rapat kerja tersebut membahas persoalan penanganan dugaan korupsi PT Asuransi Jiwasraya (Persero). FOTO ANTARA/Puspa Perwitasari/ama.
Deputy Attorney General Arminsyah attends a hearing in the House of Representatives in Jakarta on January 20, 2020. (Antara Photo/Perwitasari)