A number of Islamic boarding school students attend an event for Covid-19 survivors at a hospital yard in Surabaya, East Java. (Antara Photo/Zabur Karuru)

East Java Has Lowest Active Covid Cases among Worst-Hit Provinces


OCTOBER 14, 2020

Jakarta. While East Java's total number of confirmed coronavirus cases is the second-biggest in the country, only 6 percent of them remain active eight months into the pandemic, further indicating an ease in the province hit badly early on since the outbreak.

East Java has 2,935 active cases of the virus from a total of 47,894 confirmed cases as of Wednesday, the lowest percentage among eleven provinces with the most cases.

Nearly 41,500 Covid-19 patients in the province have been cured or discharged. However, East Java also has the biggest number of Covid-19 deaths, totaling 3,485.

Its daily numbers of newly cases have been slowing to an average of 296 since the beginning of the month, in comparison to 340 in September.

West Java has outpaced East Java by a big margin in both newly cases and the ratio of active cases to the total number of confirmed infections. 

West Java has been averaging 452 cases since Oct. 1, bringing its total number of confirmed cases to 28,529. Around 32 percent of confirmed cases in the province remain active, representing a staggering 9,184 Covid-19 patients who are mostly under self-imposed isolation.

By quantity, Jakarta has the biggest number of both confirmed cases and active cases. The national capital passed the 90,000 mark on Wednesday after adding another 1,038 new cases.

It currently must deal with around 13,500 Covid-19 patients or 15 percent of the total cases, still below the national average of 18.8 percent. Recent rallies by workers and students opposing the newly-adopted job creation law have been dubbed as super-spreader events that will significantly add caseloads in the coming weeks, health experts have warned.

With a population of around 10,000 million, the city has among the worst ratio of Covid-19 cases to population.

Central Java has the third-biggest number of active cases, on 5,819 from a total of 27,392 confirmed cases, or 21 percent.

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Riau and West Sumatra
By percentage, two provinces in Sumatra are topping the list, in line with a dramatic surge in cases since early September.

According to data compiled by the Jakarta Globe, active cases make up 42.6 percent of overall Covid-19 cases in West Sumatra. The province of 5 million has around 4,000 patients being treated at public health facilities or self-isolating at home out of 9,403 confirmed cases the province has accumulated since the outbreak.

Riau, which only recently joined the top ten of worst-affected provinces, has 3,914 active cases from a total of 10,643 confirmed cases, or 37.8 percent.

Both Riau and West Sumatra are the only provinces outside Java to average more than 200 cases of coronavirus this month.

The total number of Covid-19 cases in East Kalimantan equals to around a quarter of that of East Java, but it nearly levels the number of active cases.

East Kalimantan on Wednesday became the eighth province to accumulate more than 11,000 cases, of which around 2,700 or 24 percent are active.

Coming next are South Sulawesi with 2,254 active cases (13.2 percent of confirmed cases) and North Sumatra with 1,935 active cases (16.7 percent).

Bali and South Kalimantan are the only provinces in the top eleven with the most cases to report fewer than 1,000 active cases on Wednesday.

Indonesia has recorded 4,127 new cases in the 24-hour period to take its total to 344,749. It reported 129 more Covid-19 deaths, the highest daily death toll month-to-date, for a total of 12,156 countrywide.

The number of cured patients beat the number of newly cases for the third day in a row, with 4,555 recoveries for a total of 267,851.

The country has 64,742 active cases of the virus, or 18.8 percent of the overall confirmed cases.

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