Gontor Muslim Boarding School students attend an event celebrating Covid-19 survivors at Lapangan Hospital in Surabaya, East Java, on July 28, 2020. (Antara Photo/Zabur Karuru)

East Java Reports Highest Surge in Coronavirus Cases


AUGUST 04, 2020

Jakarta. East Java reported the highest rise of coronavirus cases on Monday with 478 new cases, only six more than those in Jakarta. The last time the province recorded more than 400 cases in a day and led the national tally was on July 24.

East Java remains the province with the most confirmed cases of the virus, having accumulated 22,982 cases as of Monday.

It also had the highest daily death toll, with 22 more Covid-19 deaths for a total of 1,741.

Jakarta was not far behind with a total of 22,616 cases, including 860 deaths. The capital city has been experiencing the fastest transmission rate of the virus by seven-day average in recent weeks and rapidly closing in on East Java.

Both provinces were separated by more than 2,000 cases in mid-July but the gap has been reduced to just 366 today.

Combined cases from the two worst-hit provinces made up 40 percent of the national count.

New infections in hotspots like Central Java, South Sulawesi and South Kalimantan are mo match to the growing caseload in East Java and Jakarta. No other provinces have recorded more than 10,000 cases so far.

The statistics on Monday also show where the government should reinforce their mitigation efforts. East Java and Jakarta were the only provinces to report three-digit rises in cases and also the highest daily death toll.

The country has recorded 1,679 new cases -- 56 percent came from East Java and Jakarta -- in the last 24 hours, taking its total to 113,134.

The daily death toll climbed to 66 from 43 yesterday, bringing the total number of Covid-19 deaths to 5,302 countrywide. 

More than 70,000 Covid-19 patients in Indonesia have been cured or discharged from hospitals, representing 62.1 percent of the total cases.

In the second group of provinces with the most cases, Central Java and South Sulawesi have managed to reduce daily cases to below three digits in the last two days. Central Java has a total of 9,827 cases, in comparison to 9,744 cases in South Sulawesi.

Both have traded places in the national rank of most affected-provinces, just like Jakarta and East Java. Central Java surpassed South Sulawesi in the third place just three days ago.