Group of kids in Brebes, Central Java, welcome a bus to record its horn sound. (Antara Photo/Oky Lukmansyah)

Europe Football Giants Join #OmTeloletOm Craze


DECEMBER 22, 2016

Jakarta. Leading European football clubs, including Spain's Real Madrid, English side Tottenham Hotspur and German greats Bayern Munchen, have joined in on the Indonesia-born "Om Telolet Om" craze, which went global on Wednesday (21/12).

Real posted a photo of star player Cristiano Ronaldo posing with the Club World Cup trophy with the caption "Om Telolet Om," a phrase used by children asking bus drivers to honk the bus horn.

Tottenham posted a video to its Facebook showing players on the team bus which boasted almost 5,000 likes and over 4,200 shares as of Wednesday night.

Bayern Munchen got in on the fun, with a video of the team bus posted to Twitter which had 1,865 retweets by Wednesday night.

The phrase is a popular game among children who will wait alongside major roads for passing buses, many which now have unique horns, which has taken on a new life after the advent of smartphone video recordings of the game. It is popular across Indonesia, but particularly in Java.

The phrase went viral this week with memes on social media after netizens began posting the phrase to famous musicians and celebrities.

Group of kids in Brebes, Central Java, welcome a bus to record its horn sound by their mobile phones. (Antara Photo/Oky Lukmansyah)