A Jakarta taxi driver tried to evade being slapped with a ticket by speeding off - with the traffic officer clinging to the hood of the car. (B1 Photo/ Gugun A. Suminarto)

To Evade Traffic Ticket, Jakarta Taxi Speeds Off – With Action Cop on Car


OCTOBER 01, 2015

Jakarta. Police have named a taxi driver a suspect for hitting a traffic cop who was about to sanction him for violating traffic rules.

On Wednesday afternoon, Brig. Iskandar Adam, an officer from the Jakarta Police's traffic unit, was on patrol when he saw a blue taxi parked in a no-stop zone on DI Panjaitan street in East Jakarta.

Iskandar approached the vehicle to present a ticket to the driver who, in a moment of panic and desperate to evade punishment, revved up his engines and stomped on the gas pedal, shooting the car forward  ̶  in the direction of the police officer.

In what looked like a scene from an action movie, Iskandar leapt onto the hood of the taxi and began banging on the windshield to stop the driver from continuing his escape.

The taxi drove on for roughly one kilometer and was finally forced to a halt when police back-up and civilians blocked its path.

"We have named the driver Daniel Caesar Trianto as a suspect for his criminal actions against the police officer," Adj. Sr. Comr. Budiyanto, chief of the traffic crimes at the police, told the Jakarta Globe on Thursday.

Police will charge Daniel with article 212 of the Criminal Code, which could place him behind bars for up to 16 months, Budiyanto said.

Iskandar received minor injuries from the incident, requiring stitches on his hand but his condition is already improving, he added.