Ex-KPK Ethics Head Denies Charges Against Johan Budi

FEBRUARY 11, 2015

Jakarta. A former head of the Corruption Eradication Commission's ethics committee has denied that the agency's director for corruption prevention, Johan Budi, was guilty of any violation of regulations by meeting with politicians.

Abdullah Hehamahua said Johan had been questioned regarding his having met with several politicians and that he was cleared of all impropriety.

Abdullah said Johan had met with former Democratic Party bag man and corruption convict Muhammad Nazaruddin, but that the meeting was a routine part of a corruption investigation.

"They met in a a hotel or a restaurant, I don't really remember," Abdullah told Tempo.co Wednesday.

Abdullah said Johan attended the meeting to accompany Chandra Hamzah, a former KPK deputy chief. Johan and Chandra have been reported to the police on allegations that they violated KPK ethics by a group called Government Against Corruption and Discrimination.

The head of Government Against Corruption and Discrimination, Andar M. Situmorang, said he was confident he had sufficient evidence for a police complaint.

“They were reported for an alleged abuse of authority and for being in direct or indirect contact with a graft convict, M. Nazaruddin, the former Democratic Party treasurer,” Andar said.

“Chandra and Johan admitted to the media that they have met Nazaruddin five times. I have already reported this to the KPK back in 2011, but the case was never processed, so I reported it to the Bareskrim [the police's criminal investigation division] instead because it is a crime,” Andar said.

Johan has denied the allegation.

"The public will see what's behind the report, which was based on something that happened seven years ago," Johan said on Tuesday. "The ethics committee cleared me."

The police report against Johan follows complaints made to the police against KPK chief Abraham Samad and his deputies, Bambang Widjojanto, Adnan Pandu Praja and Zulkarnain. Many believe the campaign against the KPK is part of an effort to discredit the antigraft agency.