Facebook has received an in-principle approval to set up a domestic unit in Indonesia, said a senior government source from the Southeast Asian nation, home to the social networking giant's fourth-largest user base.(Reuters Photo/Dado Ruvic)

Facebook User Reported to Police for Urging Gang Rape of Female Ahok Supporters


APRIL 18, 2017

Jakarta. Members of the Indonesian Women Against Violence reported a social media user on Monday (17/04) for a post allegedly promoting the rape of women who support incumbent Jakarta Governor Basuki "Ahok" Tjahaja Purnama.

In a post on Friday, Facebook user Dwi Ardika allegedly said: "Those who support Ahok are both stupid and immoral." He added that it was halal, or permissible according to Islamic law, to gang rape and kill them.

Activist Ita Fadia Nadya said the group filed a police report against the Facebook user for hate speech, as defined by Article 156 of the Criminal Code Procedure Law (KUHP).

"We want to raise concerns about the safety of women in general. We aren't talking about the upcoming gubernatorial election in Jakarta; our focus is purely on safety," Ita told reporters at the Jakarta Police headquarters.

"Specifically, [Dwi] threatened Ahok supporters, but as women, we consider his post especially harmful to us, to our safety and to our bodies," she added.

Ita said the Facebook post urges actions very similar to those that transpired during the 1998 riots, when many Chinese-Indonesian women were sexually assaulted across the archipelago because of their ethnicity and perceived religious orientation.

"Before the massive gang rapes that occurred in 1998, there were sentiments and threats expressed [similar to this Facebook post]," she said.

"In that period, there was no social media. Instead, threats were disseminated through posters targeting drivers of taxis and other forms of public transportation. We don't want to see the actions of that year being repeated."

The group said it is not affiliated with any political parties or candidates participating in the second round of the Jakarta gubernatorial election on Wednesday.