Svida Alisjahbana and Melissa Ann Tjahjadikarta (top, center) pose with 12 local designers featured in Galeries Lafayette Jakarta's Fashion Lab this year. (JG Photo/Sylviana Hamdani)

Fashion Lab Features 12 Young Local Designers at Galeries Lafayette Jakarta


APRIL 13, 2017

Jakarta. Galeries Lafeyette Jakarta launched their fourth Fashion Lab on Tuesday (11/04).

Fashion Lab is a signature program from the French department store which focuses on growing local fashion talents.

"Galeries Lafayette has been in Indonesia for four years now," marketing general manager Melissa Ann Tjahjadikarta said during a press conference at the department store on opening day. "Since our first year, we've been strongly committed to support and develop local designers."

In Jakarta, Galeries Lafayette had partnered with Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) to select a number of promising Indonesian designers from JFW's incubation program Indonesia Fashion Forward (IFF) to have their designs displayed in the department store during Fashion Lab.

"Fashion Lab is an extraordinary program," Svida Alisjahbana, chairwoman of Jakarta Fashion Week, said. "Local brands are displayed alongside international labels [in the department store], which is both a challenge and an opportunity for greater exposure."

This year, the program features 12 young IFF designers. Their collections will be displayed in a 100-square-meter premium retail area on the first floor of Galeries Lafayette Jakarta until May 21.

Here are some of the highlights:

Danjyo Hiyoji

The popular ready-to-wear brand presents their 2017 collection, called "Comma."

"The theme symbolizes a constant drive for creativity," Liza Mashita, co-founder of the brand, says.

The collection features men's and women's daily outfits in gray and burgundy hues, with innovative and eye-catching deconstructed designs. Metal clasps and engraved buttons adorn some of the works.


Kamiidea is the only Muslim fashion brand featured in Fashion Lab this year. For the program, the brand presents their 2017 ready-to-wear collection, "Rare."

The collection is made of simple, loose-fitting fashion items for women in earthen hues adorned with brick patterns.

"The collection is inspired by Jakarta, a super-crowded urban city with so many lonely people in it," Istafiana Candarini, co-owner of the brand, said.

Made of polycrepe, many of the items in this collection feel light and cool to touch.

"They're also breathable and wrinkle-free," Istafiana said.


The brand presents its 2017 women's ready-to-wear collection, called "Serene," for Fashion Lab this year.

"[The collection] is inspired by the beauty of nature, clear skies, calm waters and quiet meadows," Faustine Arthapuri, co-founder of the brand, said.

It consists of blouses and jackets with relaxed fit, adorned with tassels and discreet floral embroideries.


The women's sandal brand is a definite highlight of Fashion Lab this year. On opening night, customers were seen flocking to their booth to try on one of their beaded sandals.

Pvra was created by two schoolmates Kara Nugroho and Putri Katianda in 2015.

"Our sandals are all made of genuine leather and feature handcrafted beadworks," Putri said.

The sandals are mostly flat-heeled and come in warm, neutral tones. Extravagant beadworks enhance their simple designs.

"It's something that women would feel comfortable to walk around in all day and look pretty as well," Kara said.