American filmmaker Cheryl Halpern, center, receiving the World Tolerance Award from festival director Demian Dematra. (Photo courtesy of IFFSRV)

Film Festival Recognizes Documentary Filmmakers for Promoting Tolerance


DECEMBER 14, 2016

Jakarta. Following last month's event in Bali, the International Film Festival for Spirituality, Religion and Visionary, or IFFSRV, handed out World Tolerance awards to documentary filmmakers in a closing ceremony at Planet Hollywood XXI in South Jakarta on Tuesday (13/12).

This year's award goes to Cheryl Halpern, who advocates such a message through her film "Wishmakers."

"Wishmakers" is a documentary portraying an adult with special needs who works at a winery in Jezreel Valley, Israel. The story follows a family who runs a winery in the residential adult special needs community of Kfar Tikvah to help foster a caring environment, while providing employment, dignity and purpose for the residents.

Halpern said the documentary is a testimonial to individuals who represent the values of respect, dignity and compassion for one another, regardless of ethnicity, gender, age and physical or mental handicaps.


"This movie serves as a reminder that each of us has the ability to use our own talents to improve our communities and do good deeds for others," she said.

Brazilian painter, interior designer and sculptor, who has now turned documentary filmmaker, Lucia Barata, also received the "Star of Tolerance" award for her short documentary film "Yellow River," which focuses on the relationship between parents and children. She believes tolerance is something that should begin at home, but often neglected in reality.

"Parents should help their kids prepare to live, learn and work in a diverse community," she said. "We often forget that we live in an increasingly diverse society."

Festival director and founder Demian Dematra said he hopes the festival can raise awareness of intolerance and inspire people, especially younger generations, to promote tolerance and celebrate diversity.