Flower Boards for Ahok-Djarot Surround the City Hall

Flower board filling the City Hall in support of Ahok-Djarot pair, who has lost Jakarta election according to quick count from pollsters. (Photo posted in social media)

By : Deti Mega Purnamasari | on 8:40 PM April 25, 2017
Category : News, Jakarta, Politics

Jakarta. Dozens of colorful flower boards for outgoing Governor Basuki "Ahok" Tjahaja Purnama and Deputy Governor Djarot Saiful Hidayat were surrounding Jakarta's City Hall on Tuesday (25/04) morning, brought by the city's residents to express gratitude and appreciation of the officials' performance.

According to Suara Pembaruan, on Monday alone there were more than 100 flower boards with greetings and cordial messages to the incumbents who lost in the gubernatorial election last week.

After quick count results indicated that the pair will not remain in the office for the second term, Ahok said he wished to be remembered as a governor who did something for the city.

"I have reduced the notorious flooding in Jakarta. That's more important to me than another term," he said, as quoted by Suara Pembaruan.

"To me, a good name is much more important than an office," Ahok said.

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