Former Home Minister Gamawan Fauzi has denied involvement in the e-KTP graft case. (Antara Photo/Hafidz Mubarak A)

Former Home Minister Denies Involvement in Electronic ID Graft


JANUARY 30, 2018

Jakarta. Former Home Minister Gamawan Fauzi denied having been involved in massive graft surrounding a project to procure electronic national identity cards, known as e-KTP, as he testified at court on Monday (29/01).

The Rp 5.9 trillion ($413 million) project run under Gamawan's former office in 2011. Two of the ministry's former officials were convicted in the graft case, which also implicated, among others, former House of Representatives Speaker Setya Novanto, who is currently standing trial.

Gawawan was among five sitting and former officials at the ministry brought in by antigraft prosecutors to Setya's trial hearing on Monday to testify against him.

Setya was arraigned late last year for having allegedly embezzled $7.3 million from the project. The graft case resulted in Rp 2.3 trillion in state losses.

Gamawan allegedly received Rp 50 million from the project, as revealed in antigraft prosecutors' indictment against Setya.

Gamawan, asked about the allegations by a panel of five Jakarta Corruption Court judges, replied: "I never received any amount at all, for God's sake ... I would be ready to be sentenced to death."

Gamawan denied having known that the project tender had been manipulated. The manipulation was also revealed in the indictment.

The same court convicted businessman Andi Agustinus late last year for having been involved in directing a consortium to win the project contract.

Another businessman, whose company was part of the consortium, Anang Sugiana Sudihardjo, has also been implicated in the case.

Former chairman of the committee for the project tender, Drajat Wisnu Setiawan, admitted to the manipulation during Monday's trial hearing.

He said it was ordered by one of the convicted former Home Ministry officials, Sugiharto.

"I actually rejected when I was asked to chair the tender committee ... I was really afraid because of the project's value which reached trillions of rupiah," Drajat told the court.