Former religious affairs minister Lukman Hakim Saifuddin, left, and former PPP Chairman Muhammad Romahurmuziy prepared to give testimony in the latter's bribery trial at the Jakarta Corruption Court. (Antara Photo/Sigid Kurniawan)

Former PPP Chairman Romahurmuziy Jailed for Graft


JANUARY 20, 2020

Jakarta. Former United Development Party (PPP) chairman Romahurmuziy was found guilty of corruption on Monday and sentenced to two years in prison in a case allegedly also involving former religious affairs minister Lukman Hakim.

Judges at the Jakarta Anti-Corruption Court said Romahurmuziy was proven to have taken a bribe from two Religious Affairs Ministry officials in return for helping both men get a promotion.

Romahurmuziy took Rp 255 million ($18,600) from Haris Hasanuddin who was later promoted as head of the provincial religious affairs office in East Java, the judges said.

He also took another Rp 50 million from Muafaq Wirahadi who was promoted to be head of the ministry's district office in the East Java town of Gresik.


Both men have been convicted of corruption in earlier trials, with Haris being sentenced to two years in jail and Muafaq getting one and a half years.

"The defendant, Romahurmuziy, is proven guilty of corruption beyond any doubt," presiding judge Fahzal Hendri said as he read the verdict.

He also mentioned former religious affairs minister Lukman in the verdict, saying that he took Rp 70 million.

"The defendant intervened [in the promotion process] by approaching Lukman Hakim Saifuddin, who was the religious affairs minister back then, with the authority to hire and dismiss employees at the Religious Affairs Ministry," the judge said.

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), who arrested Romahurmuziy just days before the presidential election in April last year, has not pressed charges against Lukman. 

Romahurmuziy's sentence was well below the prosecutor's demand of four years in jail.