Family members of victims that were killed or injured in the 2016 Jakarta attacks pray near the sight of the incident on Jalan Thamrin in Central Jakarta in January 2016. (Antara Photo/Rivan Awal Linga)

Former Terrorists and Attack Survivors to Attend Reconciliation Meeting Next Week


FEBRUARY 21, 2018

Jakarta. The Indonesian government is set to host a meeting between former terrorists and survivors of terrorist attacks next week, chief of the National Counterterrorism Agency, or BNPT, Suhardi Alius, said on Wednesday (21/02).

Suhardi said the meeting will be a chance for former terrorists who have taken part in BNPT’s deradicalization programs to reconcile with their victims.

The meeting will take place on Feb. 26-28, and will also be attended by representatives from several ministries, including the Health Ministry and Manpower Ministry, Suhardi said.

"We're aiming for a balanced approach. We’ve been asked before why the BNPT is only concerned with terrorists and not the victims? It’s because we don’t have a law regulating it just yet," Suhardi told reporters in Jakarta.

Revisions of Indonesia’s 2003 anti-terrorism law will include articles regulating the treatment of survivors of terrorist attacks, Suhardi said.

The revisions are still being discussed at the House of Representatives.

"This has opened up room for us to coordinate all relevant ministries and institutions to pay more attention to survivors, to provide them with the right compensation: it’s all included in the revisions," Suhardi said.

"We'll have around 100 people attending the reconciliation meeting out of their own accord. Some victims have accepted what happened to them, some are still traumatized," he said.