Four Teenage Girls Tricked Into Prostitution in East Java


APRIL 27, 2016

Jakarta. Police in Pasuruan, East Java, have exposed a prostitution ring involving nine teenage girls during a raid at a guesthouse on Tuesday (26/04).

The Wisma Artomoro Guesthouse, owned by Hari, was managed by the 36-year-old pimp Fadila. Both are now the subjects of an intensive police investigation.

"Fadila presented herself as the guesthouse's cashier, while Hari pretended to be the guesthouse manager," East Java Police public relations head R. Prabowo Argo Yuwono said.

Police started a stakeout of the guesthouse on April 21 after local residents reported suspicious activity on the premises.

"To cover up the activities, Wisma Artomoro provided a karaoke facility, where the young women originally worked as karaoke guides," Prabowo said. He added that clients were able to book the girls to perform sexual acts.

East Java Police Superintendent Anton C.N. added that the ages of the nine girls ranged from 16 to 17 years. They have been taken to the East Java Police headquarters, along with the two suspects.

Two local residents, who allegedly delivered the girls to clients, were also taken in for investigation.

"We have investigated four of the victims, and we have sent them home to Pasuruan and Sidoarjo," Anton said. He confirmed that the four only worked at the guesthouse for about a week, while the rest had been there for a year.

One of the girls said in her police statement that she had been exploited, because she was initially promised a job in the guesthouse's restaurant and karaoke bar. She added that she had been "sold" in Purbalingga, Central Java, before being "sold" once more to the Wisma Artomoro Guesthouse.

"They could not escape the clutches of their pimp, as they were sold into debt bondage to Fadila," Anton said.

Police are still investigating the possible involvement of human trafficking networks that recruit underage victims for prostitution.