National Police spokesman Setyo Wasisto. (Antara Photo/Reno Esnir)

Four Terrorists Dead After Opening Fire on Densus 88 Officers


MAY 13, 2018

Jakarta. The National Police’s counterterrorism unit, Densus 88, shot four suspected terrorists believed to be affiliated with the Islamic-State inspired group, Jamaah Ansharut Daulah, or JAD,  and planned to attack police facilities, a spokesman confirmed on Sunday (13/05).

At a press conference in Jakarta, National Police spokesman Setyo Wasisto said suspects opened fire when they realized they were being pursued by the police on the way from Sukabumi to Cianjur, West Java. Densus 88 members returned fire and killed the suspects in the shootout.

"They were planning an attack on police posts in Jakarta, Bandung, and also at Mako Brimob [the Police Mobile Brigade headquarters] in Kelapa Dua [near Jakarta]," Setyo said.

The suspects have been identified as BBN (21) from South Jakarta, DCN (23) from Central Java, AR (33) from Central Java and HS (23) from Lampung. The deceased have been transported to the Kramat Jati Police Hospital.

The police also seized several items belonging to the suspects, including two revolvers and an explosive tied to a bow.

"They were conducting semi-military training in preparation for an attack, and they belong to JAD … They are part of the group’s sleeper cells, and they have been mobilized as we are approaching Ramadhan," Setyo said.

Densus 88 is still pursuing other suspected terrorists at the moment, Setyo added, as the authorities anticipate more sleeper cell attacks in the coming weeks.

The incident in Cianjur took place just hours before bombs exploded in three churches in Surabaya, East Java, on Sunday morning, which killed at least 10 and wounded more than 40 others.

On Tuesday, terrorist detainees incited a deadly riot at Mako Brimob, which claimed the lives of five police officers and one convict.

According to Setyo, the terrorist detainees at Mako Brimob are also affiliated with JAD, with police as their main target.

On Thursday night, a terrorist attacked a police officer with a poisoned-tip knife in front of Brimob headquarters before being shot to death.

Setyo said the attacker was from the some group as the four suspected terrorists from Cianjur.

Two suspected female terrorists were caught in front of Brimob headquarters. They carried suspected poisoned scissors.

In the wake of the deadly riot at Brimob headquarters, police have shot two suspected terrorists and arrested two others in Bekasi, West Java.