Administrative and Bureaucracy Reforms Minister Tjahjo Kumolo on Thursday. (Photo courtesy of the Administrative and Bureaucracy Reforms Ministry)

Gov't Prepares for 'Adaptive Bureaucracy' Post-Pandemic


JUNE 26, 2020

Jakarta. The government has been making adjustments in various sectors of the bureaucracy – including by relying more on the use of advanced technology – to prepare for life after the coronavirus pandemic. 

Administrative and Bureaucracy Reforms Minister Tjahjo Kumolo said the pandemic has already forced civil servants to modify their work habits and most are now expected to carry through with their new ways of working.


One of the biggest changes in the bureaucracy will be a greater reliance on digital technology.

In the "new normal," civil servants will be expected to show more flexibility that can only be achieved by immersing themselves in advanced technology. 

"Using technology, civil servants will be able to do more work from different locations. We can convert all documents into a digital form," Tjahjo said on Thursday.

The bureaucratic reform will also carry through to the hiring of civil servants. More tech-savvy candidates will stand a better chance to gain entry into the civil service. 

Tjahjo said online training will also replace face-to-face mentoring to prepare new recruits for a life in the civil service. 

The minister said civil servants of the future are expected to be more adaptive and flexible. This would also help them reach their full potential working for the government, according to Tjahjo.