Govt Prepares Regulation to Prevent School Violence


AUGUST 13, 2016

Jakarta. The government is expected to issue a presidential regulation to prevent school violence as soon as possible, as bullying, hazing and other types school violence are on the rise again, child rights body KPAI said.

President Joko "Jokowi"Widodo had agreed to issue the regulation in January. The draft will be prepared by new Education Minister Muhadjir Effend and a team which includes members of the KPAI, or the National Commission on Child Protection.

"We need to create a school environment which will help children develop their academic potentials," KPAI chairman Asrorun Ni'am Sholeh said on Friday.

More than 5,000 cases of violence against children were recorded across the country in 2014, 4,300 in 2013, 3,500 in 2012 and 2,000 in 2011, according to KPAI data.

"In 2015, the overall number of cases had declined, but not in schools," Asrorun said.

KPAI data show there were 127 victims of school violence all across the country in 2015. The number of perpetrators was almost half that at 64.

In the same year, 71 schoolchildren were also involved in student brawls.