File photo: A pharmacist serves customers at a drug store in Manado, North Sulawesi, on July 25, 2021. (Antara Photo)

Gov’t Temporarily Bans Non-Prescription Liquid Drugs


OCTOBER 19, 2022

Jakarta. The Health Ministry has issued a ruling that bans the sales of non-prescription liquid drugs until further notice over the fear of kidney injuries among children.

The move came amid reports of the deaths of dozens of young children in The Gambia allegedly because of acute kidney failures linked to paracetamol syrup.


The ruling signed on Tuesday by Healthcare Services Director General Murti Utami states that all drug stores “must stop the sales of non-prescription liquid drugs to the community” until further notice from the government according to the existing regulations.

It also instructs doctors to refrain from prescribing liquid medicines.

The ruling says that when children show the inability to pass urine with or without fever, parents must immediately take them to the nearest healthcare facility for treatment.

The Health Ministry orders hospitals that treat children with acute kidney injury to conduct an epidemiologic investigation in coordination with the local health department.

Those hospitals are required to submit a request for toxicology examination to the designated laboratories with the blood and urine samples of the ailing children, it says.