Somali militants killed two people in Kenya's northeastern Mandera county on Monday when they sprayed their bus with bullets, Kenyan police and a spokesman for the al Shabaab rebel group said. (EPA Photo/Daniel Irungu)

Govt Warns Indonesians in Kenya, Condemns Terror Attack


APRIL 06, 2015

Jakarta. The Indonesian government has asked its citizens in Kenya to be careful and avoid "conflict-prone" areas, days after Islamic militant group Al Shabaab killed nearly 150 people at a Kenyan university campus.

No Indonesians were caught up in the attack, but the Indonesian embassy in Nairobi is monitoring the situation, according to the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

“Indonesia would like to express our sympathy and deepest condolences for Kenyans and the victims’ families,” a ministry press release stated on Monday.

Four masked militants from Al Shabaab, a terrorist group based in Somali, stormed a university campus in Garissa last Thursday, seeking out Christian students to kill while sparing some Muslims. Authorities say 148 people were killed, mostly students.

Indonesia's Nairobi embassy said it would keep in touch with Indonesians in Kenya and asked them to stay alert, to avoid "conflict-prone" areas and not associate with extremist groups. A hotline for Indonesians in Kenya has also been established.