Indonesian netizens are hooked on "dual-screening" or watching two videos at the same time on separate devices, Nielsen says. (Reuters Photo/Mario Anzuoni)

More than Half of Indonesians are Internet Users


OCTOBER 24, 2016

Jakarta. A survey conducted by the Indonesian Internet Service Provider Association, or APJII, revealed that there are 132.7 million Internet users in the country, APJII chairman, Jamalul Izza, said in Jakarta on Monday (24/10).

This is a significant increase from 88 million users in 2014, amounting to 51.8 percent of Indonesia's total population. However, geographically, Java has the highest concentration of Internet users.


“70 percent of the total Internet users in Indonesia access the Internet through their mobile devices,” Jamalul said.

The survey also revealed that there is a 100 percent Internet penetration rate among those aged 10-14 years, mainly comprising of students. This is followed by private sector employees and those in the health sector.

“Social media is still the most popular activity, followed by entertainment and news. Facebook is the most frequently accessed platform, just after Instagram and Youtube,” APJII secretary general, Henry Kasyfi Soemartono, said.