President Joko Widodo address the Organization of Islamic Co-operation in Jakarta on Monday. (Antara Photo/Akbar Nugroho Gumay)

House Legislators Support Joko's Call to Boycott Israeli Products


MARCH 08, 2016

Jakarta. The Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives' Commission I has thrown his support behind President Joko Widodo's speech on Palestinian independence and a boycott against Israeli products.

"The Indonesian president called for a boycott on every Israeli product. I think it is a form of resistance, a show of disappointment for how Israel continues to abuse Palestine. I think we should follow this," Tubagus Hasanuddin said in Jakarta on Tuesday (08/03).

Hasanuddin pointed to the Indonesian Constitution, which says independence is the basic right of every nation, as the basis for his support.

Joko called for the boycott during his speech at the Fifth Extraordinary Organization of Islamic Co-Operation Summit on Palestine and Al-Quds on Monday (07/03).

However, the legislator said Joko's commitment was not matched among all OIC member states. Many of these countries, he said, are dealing with pressing internal issues, pushing support for Palestine.

Hasanuddin pointed to the few heads of states who attended as evidence of the decreased interest in the cause among Islamic countries.

“Even Malaysia, Brunei — as we are aware — did not send their head of states,” he said.

Earlier, House Speaker Ade Komarudin confirmed his support of a ban on Israeli products in Indonesia. The ban should be supported by all stakeholders, he said, as it is important to apply pressure against Israel as the state continues to abuse Palestinian people.