A police officer was stabbed and succumbed to his injuries in an attack carried out by two alleged Islamic State supporters in Medan, North Sumatra, on Sunday (25/06). (Antara Foto/Septianda Perdana)

House Must Quickly Revise Antiterrorism Laws, Says PAN Lawmaker


JUNE 27, 2017

Jakarta. Lawmaker Mulfachri Harahap said on Tuesday (27/06) the attack that killed a police officer in Medan, North Sumatera, should speed up the legislature's revisions of Indonesia's antiterrorism laws.

"The incident should push [the House of Representative] to finalize the discussions on the country's antiterrorism laws as quickly as possible. It is a priority for the House," the National Mandate Party (PAN) deputy chairman said, as quoted by Suara Pembaruan.

On Sunday, a police officer was stabbed and succumbed to his injuries. The attack was carried out by two alleged Islamic State supporters, one of whom was shot dead by the police while trying to escape, and the other one was wounded and arrested.

The surviving suspect, identified as Syawaluddin, had reportedly spent six months in Syria, in 2013. Police found logos of the Islamic State militant group at his home, and hundreds of books containing the group's propaganda targeting children.

According to Mulfachri, members of the House are still trying to overcome their differences on several issues, including military involvement in antiterrorism operations.

On Sunday, House Speaker Setya Novanto said the National Police and the Army should work together to fight terrorism.

"Together we must eradicate this vicious crime. Citizens must also be vigilant," he said, adding the police must, however, be careful in their operations, so as not to arrest anyone unjustly.

The revisions of the law started in January last year, after a deadly attack in Jakarta's central business district, which killed eight people, including the perpetrators, and wounded dozens of civilians. Since the assault, a series of other attacks followed — targeting mainly policemen — including the Kampung Melayu bus station suicide bombing in East Jakarta last month.