How to Shop Online Like a Seasoned Pro and Mistakes To Avoid

Singapore-based e-commerce fulfillment company Anchanto officially launched their newest platform SelluSeller at industry forum Asia E-commerce Dialogue 2017 on Tuesday (17/01). (Photo courtesy of Sale Duck)

By : Cecilia Harjadan | on 7:45 PM November 11, 2016
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The Internet has opened up a whole new world of borderless shopping that even the savviest of online shoppers face moments where they feel completely overwhelmed by the possibilities that lie ahead. While there is no denying there are many benefits that come from online shopping, there is still quite a shocking number of us who often fall victim to these common mistakes that can be very easily overlooked.

Here are some recurring rookie mistakes that we should avoid and some handy tips on how to shop like a seasoned pro.

Don't store your personal information online

It’s terrifying how comfortable some of us are when it comes to storing our personal information online without fear of any consequences. While we don’t doubt that a lot of websites go out of their way to protect the information of their shoppers, it’s still never a good idea to be casual with our personal information and it's still our responsibility to protect ourselves to the best of our abilities online. Admittedly, there is an added convenience of not having to type personal details when making each purchase, but is it really worth the risk of having your credit card information stored by hackers and those willing to commit fraud?

Don’t shop on a public wifi connection

So maybe this one isn’t as obvious as the first one but it’s still a pretty common error that even the best of us have committed. Probably more than once, and we totally understand. One of the best feelings in the world is curling up in a cosy nook of your favorite cafe with your laptop and momentarily transporting yourself into the breathtaking digital universe that the cafe’s super fast — and not to mention free — wifi. But here’s the thing, there’s an extremely high chance that the wifi you’re connected to exists on an unsecured network, which means that hackers can very easily access the information you share on the network and use it to make unauthorized purchases. So save the online shopping for when you’re connected to a private network within your own home.

Don't overlook the benefits of online coupons

Couponing is not just something your mother used to do. Online coupons are a fantastic way to add value and save money when you spend. The best part about all of this is that the majority of leading retails sites offer coupons and it would be a huge loss to not take advantage of this. For those of you who don’t want to have to go through the hassle of visiting multiple websites to score coupon codes, couponing aggregator websites like Saleduck are here to make your life that much sweeter. Saleduck lets you bypass the process of having to visit multiple sites by featuring hundreds of deals from top local and international online retailers such as Mataharimall, Lazada and Expedia across categories such as fashion, beauty, lifestyle, electronics and more. On top of that, couponing sites often work directly with online retail stores to create exclusive coupon codes to use with your purchases.

Don’t shop from a non-secure site

Identifying a secure site is actually pretty easy once you’re familiar with the identifiers. Look out for websites whose URLs begin with “https” instead of “http,” the “s” at the end indicates that it is a secure site. Also look out for the padlock icon within the address bar as that tells you that the site you’re visiting employs encryption to ensure user security. Find out about a retailer’s reputation by checking online reviews, preferably those that come from a public review platform as fraudulent websites can always create fake what people are saying pages on their own sites.

Do shop from new websites

That is once you’ve done the research to make sure that it’s a secure site. Don’t shy away from trying out new online shopping platforms. Most shopping sites provide their first-time shoppers with exclusive codes and discounts off their first purchase in an effort to attract and hopefully convert them into regular shoppers. Savings can be anywhere between five to 20 percent cheaper than what you would typically pay so the next time you need to do an online grocery run, why not check out that new website your friends have been raving about and capitalize on your position as a first-time shopper.

Do pay attention to important dates

Websites typically release their best online deals three times a month: the start, middle and the end. This is usually the time fresh coupons are posted and old ones expire so be extra wary of all the savings opportunities that may be cropping up around you during this time. Additionally, holiday seasons and nationwide shopping events are a shoo-in for dates with the most exciting and valuable coupons. Idul Fitri, Christmas, Chinese New Year and the annual shopping campaign Harbolnas or National Online Shopping Day are all major dates in Indonesia and hundreds of websites often release coupons and vouchers in conjunction with these events.

Do crunch the numbers

Retail websites typically offer two common forms of coupons, a fixed price discount and a discount offering a percentage off the final price. Before applying a coupon code, make sure that you run the numbers before selecting the code to apply to ensure that you choose for the coupon that’ll garner you the most savings upon checkout.

Do compare different deals on similar items

It’s not rare for competing retail websites to offer different deals on similar items which means that you’re going to have to do a little research to make sure that you go with the coupon that saves you the most. The good thing about coupon sites, is that they often list down the competing deals from multiple sites, allowing for you to quickly scan through and select the deal that adds the most value to your shopping needs.

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