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‘I’m Not Joking’: Top Official to Reveal Alleged $19.5b Money Laundering in Finance Ministry

Heru Andriyanto
18 Mar 2023 | 15:59 WIB
Coordinating Minister for Politics, Legal, and Security Affairs Mohammad Mahfud MD. (Antara Photo/Reno Esnir)
Coordinating Minister for Politics, Legal, and Security Affairs Mohammad Mahfud MD. (Antara Photo/Reno Esnir)

Jakarta. Chief Legal Affairs Minister Mohammad Mahfud MD said on Friday evening he’s looking forward to a hearing with lawmakers to speak in detail about years of alleged money laundering practices worth Rp 300 trillion ($19.5 billion) inside the Finance Ministry which he hinted recently.

The ministry has been under fire since several tax and customs officials got exposed for flaunting their wealth on social media posts, leading to an inquiry by the Corruption Eradication Commission, or KPK.

Anti-money laundering agency the Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center, or PPATK, said publicly on several occasions that it has submitted analyses on suspicious transactions involving Finance Ministry officials to the KPK and the ministry for months but no serious actions were taken.

In the wake of the public outrage over the lavish lifestyle of tax and customs officials, Mahfud made a stunning statement alleging many suspicious transactions in the ministry between 2009 and early 2023 worth Rp 300 trillion based on PPATK data.


Upon arrival from an official trip to Australia on Friday, Mahfud tweeted that he is willing to speak more about the alleged money laundering scandal.

“I’m ready to fulfill a House or Representatives summons to explain and present the list of the suspected Rp 300 trillion money laundering [activities] in the Finance Ministry,” Mahfud wrote.

“It’s even fairer to make the revelation at the House. I’m not joking about this,” he added.

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Mahfud stressed that he and the PPATK will not back down on their remarks about massive money laundering activities involving Finance Ministry officials.

“I and the PPATK will not alter our previous statements that since 2009 the PPATK has submitted intelligent financial reports to the Finance Ministry indicating money laundering worth Rp 300 trillion,” he tweeted.

“I’m prepared with authentic data to show to the House. I will be on standby mode on Monday awaiting the summons.”

In another tweet on Saturday, Mahfud said that by using the term ‘money laundering’, the money involved was generated from criminal activities.

“When the PPATK came with money laundering allegations, for sure it had detected criminal activities,” Mahfud wrote to respond to a Twitter follower.

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