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Immigration Office to Deport 62 Foreign Nationals in Violation of Immigration Laws


JANUARY 20, 2017

Jakarta. North Jakarta Immigration Office will deport a total of 62 persons comprising of Nigerian and Egyptian nationals, who were found to be in violation of Indonesian immigration laws.

The foreign nationals were caught in a sting operation at Gading Nias Apartment in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta on Thursday (19/01).

Yurot Salehat of the Directorate General of Immigrationsaid the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights will take immediate action and disciplinary measures against all foreigners who fail to obtain requisite visas, travel documents and authorization to remain in the country.

Of those caught, three were also found to have consumed narcotics, such as crystal methamphetamine and benzoate, Yurot revealed.

Five overstayed in the country more than six months after they were authorized to do so. Meanwhile, 26 did not have passports and instead only held certificates issued by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and 18 others failed to produce any travel documents.

“Our investigations reveal that the [foreign nationals] were involved in the textile trade and intended to sell textiles in their home countries. They also committed fraud using social media to ask for money from their targets,” Yurot said.

Immigration officials also seized dozens of laptops, mobile phones and passports during the raid.

“We will contact the relevant authorities and consulates. With regard to the UNHCR documents, we will verify whether they are original or doctored," he said.

Yurot said that authorities will intensify surveillance and screening efforts to address the issue.