Residents take a swab test for coronavirus in Cilandak, Eats Jakarta, on Oct. 3, 2020. (Antara Photo/Rivan Awal Lingga)

Indonesia Adds over 100,000 Covid Cases Month to Date


OCTOBER 25, 2020

Jakarta. Indonesia has added 102,704 confirmed cases of coronavirus since the beginning of the month, bringing the total number of cases to 389,712. The country has been averaging 4,108 cases since Oct. 1, but the weekly trend is slightly declining.

At least 13,299 people have died since the start of the outbreak, while 313,764 patients have recovered. The total number of active cases stands at 62,649.

The surge has been slowing in the last three weeks, although key hotspots like West and Central Java, East Kalimantan, Riau and West Sumatra are still experiencing an uptick in newly cases.

The current weekly number is 573 fewer from last week, when the figure was also down by 1,533 cases from the previous week.

Jakarta, the hardest hit by the disease, has recorded 771 cases in the last 24 hours, its lowest daily total in nearly two months. The capital city now has a total of 100,991 cases, including 2,164 deaths.

More than 27,000 cases have been reported in Jakarta month to date, but the current daily average is down slightly to 1,090 from 1,122 last month.

East Java, the second province with the most cases, managed to slow down new transmissions although new cases keep coming within hundreds. It added 268 cases for a total of 50,921, including 3,663 deaths. 

It averages 287 cases this month, in comparison to the average of 340 in September.

The surge is also slowing in South Sulawesi, North Sumatra and most notably South Kalimantan, where daily number averages just 52.

The three provinces in the top ten of worst-affected provinces were hit badly by the virus much earlier and now manage to keep daily numbers within two digits.

South Sulawesi has the fifth-biggest number of cases, totaling 17,936, while North Sumatra (12,562) and South Kalimantan (11,648) have dropped places to ninth and tenth, respectively.

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The outbreak is still raging on in West and Central Java, undermining the country’s hope for an imminent peak of new infections.

More than a third of West Java’s 33,924 cases have occurred throughout this month alone.

Central Java has added around 9,500 cases since the start of the month, already exceeded the 8,471 cases it had registered in the full month of September.

The province has a total of 31,942 cases, including 1,673 deaths -- the third-highest death toll after that of East Java and Jakarta.

Newly cases rae also trending up in three other hotspots. Riau has been rising through the ranks from 18th in early September to sixth, currently with a total of 13,547 cases.

The total number of cases in West Sumatra has soared by 103 percent to 12,791 since Sept. 30. It overtook North Sumatra in eighth place among worst-affected provinces on Sunday.

East Kalimantan has been averaging 179 cases since Oct. 1, up from an average of 147 in September, taking its tally to 13,119.

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