Indonesia is set to be among world leaders in the adoption of mobile technologies in education. (Photo courtesy of GESS Indonesia)

Indonesia to Be Among World's Top Buyers of Mobile Learning Products in 2017


AUGUST 11, 2016

Jakarta. Indonesia is predicted to be one of the leading buyers of mobile learning products in 2017 alongside China, India, Brazil and the United States, e-learning market research firm Ambient Insight reported.

Despite a relatively low adoption of digital tools in Indonesian schools, the country has a chance to change as experts gather at Global Educational Supplies and Solutions (GESS) Indonesia 2016, an education exhibition and conference, which is slated to take place at the Jakarta Convention Center in Senayan on Sept. 14-16.

The exhibition is part of a massive digital push to boost the country's education sector by gathering global and regional experts to shed light on digital education challenges and opportunities. Ambient Insight estimates that the global mobile learning market will reach $12.2 billion in the next two years.

"Indonesia is currently at a very low level of adoption with digital tools. While there are small areas of impressive deployment, with individual schools or teachers making suitable investments, there is a significant opportunity for creative thinking to increase adoption of digital tools at all levels that would not affect budgets adversely," said Craig Hansen, a Jakarta-based educator and renowned expert on information and communications technology and e-learning.

Hansen will feature as a speaker on virtual learning in the classroom at GESS Indonesia, along with Google Education Group pioneers Steven Sutantro and Gusman Adi.

Technology and enhanced learning presentations and workshops comprise a major part of the event, aiming to share global best practices in harnessing digital tools to enhance the teaching and learning process.

In addition, as part of the event's exhibition component, some of the world's leading suppliers and solutions geared towards the education market will also be showcasing the very latest technological products and solutions that can help Indonesia's education sector to advance.

"Since we launched last year, the show has become a leading platform not only for the exchange of ideas and insights to enhance the quality of teaching and learning in Indonesian classrooms, but also to provide access to decision makers that will support the growth of the education sector as a whole in a booming market," said Sarah Palmer, marketing manager at F&E Education, the organizer of GESS Indonesia exhibition.

For digital education to take root and flourish in Indonesia, Steven sees the need for stable infrastructure and appropriate human resources that will drive the digital push.

"We have lots to fix in our education system, but the potential is there to leverage the benefits of digital learning to improve the quality of education in Indonesia," Steven said.

Some positive signs that Indonesia is embracing digital tools are individual use of computers and digital equipment by teachers.

"Some schools have also started to allow their students to adopt a bring-your-own-device approach openly and even provide the Internet infrastructure. The best news is of course from the government as they start their national computer-based exam and begin to use web-based reporting systems," said Hedy Lim, a mathematics teacher from Springfield school in Jakarta. Hedy will lead a session on the use of iPads in the classroom to assist learning.

GESS Indonesia will feature more than 120 sessions, workshops and presentations covering a variety of topics and themes designed to enhance the quality of classroom teaching and learning, along with a wide variety of products and solutions from leading educational suppliers from all over the world.