Indonesian and Australian officials met in Canberra on Thursday (04/05) at the Inaugural Cyber Policy Dialogue to increase cooperation in strengthening digital economy growth and to ensure an open and democratic cyberspace. (Photo courtesy of Foreign Affairs Ministry)

Indonesia, Australia Join Hands to Strengthen Cybersecurity


MAY 05, 2017

Jakarta. Indonesian and Australian officials met in Canberra on Thursday (04/05) at the joint Inaugural Cyber Policy Dialogue to increase cooperation in strengthening digital economy growth and ensuring an open and free cyberspace.

Thursday's meeting follows an agreement by President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in February to increase joint cybersecurity measures and promote an open, safe and free Internet to spur economic growth and innovation.

"It is a priority of the Indonesian government to ensure a safe and open cyberspace, one that is directed for the purpose of peace," Desra Percaya, the Foreign Ministry’s director general for Asia-Pacific and African affairs, said recently.

"These are key factors to push economic growth and prosperity for Indonesians and to realize our vision to become the largest digital economy in the region by 2020."


The Indonesian delegation, led by Desra, and their Australian counterparts discussed cyber-related strategies and security policies on the regional and global level, as well as the potential for future bilateral cooperative measures in cybersecurity capacity building.

Indonesia-Australia cooperation in cybersecurity is expected to strengthen institutions and workshops and ultimately increase bilateral dialogues to exchange policy initiatives.

In November, Australia appointed Tobias Feakin as the country's first ambassador for cyber-affairs as part of an effort to encourage collaboration between the Australian government, private companies and academic institutions to promote good governance in cybersecurity issues.

Thursday's meeting also focused on strengthening cooperation with countries around the world to combat global cybercrime. Feakin, who led the Australian delegation in Canberra, has been appointed to pioneer efforts to bolster cybersecurity measures Down Under.

"Robust cybersecurity mechanisms are essential for Indonesia’s national security. Because of that, we need strong partnerships between governments, the private sector and the online community at large," Desra said.

In 2014, the National Police and the Australian Federal Police signed an agreement to establish a Cyber Crime Investigations Satellite Office in the Riau Islands to combat transnational cybercrime. That office is equipped with high-tech devices to support joint efforts. 

A second cyberpolicy dialogue has been scheduled for 2018 in Indonesia.