Indonesian striker Marinus Wanewar celebrates his goal on Sunday (20/08). (Antara Photo/Sigid Kurniawan)

Indonesia Beats Timor Leste in an Intense Match at SEA Games


AUGUST 21, 2017

Jakarta. Indonesia's under-22 national football team won an intense group-stage match against Timor Leste by 1-0 at the 2017 Southeast Asian Games 2017 at the Majlis Perbandaran Selayang Stadium in Selangor, Malaysia, on Sunday (20/08).

Indonesian striker Marinus Wanewar presented the win with a header in the 21st minute, after a cross from midfielder Septian David Maulana.

Timor Leste could have had an early lead, if a shot by Adelino Coelho did not stray three inches in the third minute.

Indonesia's goalie, Kurniawan Kartika Ajie, tipped away Danilson Conceicao's effort in the 26th minute.

Persipura Jayapura's hot prospect Osvaldo Haay almost doubled Indonesia's win in the 55th minute, but his rebound shot was blocked by Timor Leste keeper Fagio Augusto.

In the 81st minute Indonesian winger Saddil Ramdani's shot from outside the box was tipped away by Fagio.

Indonesia dominated the whole game with 58 percent ball possession and 13 attempts, while Timor Leste had 10 attempts, of which three were on target.

Brawl and Timor Leste No. 4

The match was disgraced by a brawl in injury time as Timor Leste's Gumario Augusto tripped playmaker Evan Dimas. The foul made Indonesian players angry and the clash was unavoidable.

Earlier, Timor Leste was playing harshly with its No. 4 Filipe Oliveira often putting his studs up. Winger Febri Hariyadi almost got injured by him.

Attacking with boot studs can result in a red card, but Malaysian referee Nagor Amir Noor Mohamed did not react.

"The referee was pretty good, it's normal in intense matches that tempers go up," Indonesia's coach Luis Milla Aspas said in a statement after the game.

Instead, the referee sent off Oliveira in injury time after his teammate Gumario's foul.

Oliveira was caught punching Maulana, whose teammate. Nagor red-carded Oliveira at the end, while Evan and Gumario were given yellow cards.

Timor Leste's coach, South Korean Kim Shin-hwan, criticized Oliviera at a post-match press conference.

"I've many times reminded them about their tempers. They get angry easily, I don't want that. Some players who were involved in the brawl might not be called up to the team anymore," he said.

Indonesian Evan Dimas lies on the ground after Gumario Augusto tripped him. (Antara Photo/Sigid Kurniawan)

After the game, Indonesian fans took to Instagram to vent their anger on Oliveira with tens of thousands comments, until the player's account, @filipiolivera, was deleted.

Indonesian footballer Irfan Bachdim even attacked Oliveira on his own Twitter account, @irfanbachdim10, by saying: "Timor Leste number 4 should not even be allowed to play football! DISGRACE!!"

Missing Evan

After receiving the yellow card, Evan cannot play against Vietnam on Tuesday. Many believe his absence will impair the Indonesian squad.

"It was very clear that Evan was a victim, he did nothing, so why did he receive the yellow card? It's was a bad decision. I've asked the team manager and the coach to appeal," Sports Minister Imam Nahrawi said as quoted on the ministry's website.

"I suspect there's a conspiracy to stop us through unfair ways," Imam said.

Vietnam now tops the Group B, followed by Indonesia.