Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi speaks at a press conference in Jakarta. (Photo courtesy of the Foreign Affairs Ministry)

Indonesia Calls on India, China to Seek Peace on Border Dispute


JUNE 19, 2020

Jakarta. Indonesia has called on India and China to return to a peaceful dialogue amid rising military tension between the two Asian giants due to a long-running border dispute in the Himalayas.

"Indonesia calls on both countries to de-escalate the tension and try to create conditions supportive for dialogue and peaceful settlement of the dispute," Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi said at the State Palace on Thursday.


"Good and productive relations between China and India are in the best interest of all countries in the Pacific region and the world in general," she added.

Chinese and Indian troops clashed earlier this week, causing fatalities on both sides.

China alleged on Monday that three Indian soldiers crossed Chinese-controlled area on the strips of the Himalayas.

China said Indian troops also provoked and attacked Chinese soldiers on the border, an incident that led to exchanges of fire.

"This is a long historical border issue between the two countries. Both China and India are close friends of Indonesia and our key allies to maintain peace and stability in the region," Retno told the press.

Both countries are currently in talks to end the standoff, Al Jazeera reported on Thursday.

The border dispute between China and India has been raging since 1914. China claims the disputed Aksai Chin region to be part of its Xinjiang province while India says it's part of its province of Ladakh. 

In 1962, the countries fought armed conflicts in the Aksai Chin and Shaksgam valley in the Himalayas, which killed over 1,300 Indian troops and 722 Chinese soldiers.