Residents at a housing complex in Depok, West Java, do exercise on Sunday, after two women in the complex tested positive for coronavirus. The banner on the background reads “Indonesia is not afraid of coronavirus”. (Antara Photo /Asprilla Dwi Adha)

Indonesia Confirms Six Persons Test Positive for Covid-19


MARCH 08, 2020

Jakarta. The Indonesian government announced on Sunday that two more people have tested positive for novel coronavirus, bringing the total number of patients to six.

One of the two new patients is a former crew member of Diamond Princess cruise ship who is being quarantined at an island in Jakarta along with 68 colleagues, while the rest got the virus in locally transmitted cases, linked to a Japanese national who attended a party in Jakarta and was later identified as Patient 24 in Malaysia.


“Patient 5 is a 55-year-old man in Jakarta. Patient 6 is a crew member of Diamond Princess, aged 36,” Achmad Yurianto, a government spokesman for the handling of coronavirus case, told a press conference in Central Jakarta.

“Both men are in stable conditions, they don’t need supplemental oxygen and intravenous feeding at the meantime. They don’t have fever or cold,” he said.

The Diamond Princess crew member was infected during the earlier quarantine in Japan, Yurianto said. The cruise ship became a breeding ground for the highly contagious virus when it was placed under quarantine off Yokohama last month. During the two-week quarantine that started on Feb. 4, the number of infected persons inside the sip grew rapidly from ten to more than 600 passengers and crew members.

Four Indonesian crew members were confirmed of having Covid-19, the formal name of novel coronavirus, during the quarantine in Japan.

The Indonesian government evacuated 69 Diamond Princess crew members using a chartered plane last week and sent them to Sebaru Island for quarantine.

The locally transmitted cases were linked to a dance party at Amigos Restaurant in Kemang, South Jakarta, on Feb. 14. Patient 1 is a woman who hosted the party and Patient 2 is her mother who took care of her at their home in Depok, West Java, when she became ill.

The government medical team examined at least 80 people who attended the party and found on Friday that two more persons were infected. The Japanese national who attended the party is believed to be the source of the infection.

Indonesian health officials have conducted laboratory tests on 620 clinical specimens, with 327 being taken from 63 hospitals in 25 provinces. The rest of the specimens were taken from 293 crew members of World Dream and Diamond Princess cruise ships and medical staffs who accompanied them during the evacuation and the quarantine.