Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi speaks in a virtual press conference in Jakarta on Friday. (Photo courtesy of the Foreign Affairs Ministry)

Indonesia Confirms Support For WHO After US Stops Funding


APRIL 17, 2020

Jakarta. Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi said Indonesia will continue supporting the World Health Organization especially in a time when the global community is fighting the deadly coronavirus pandemic. 

Her remarks on Friday followed recent decision by US President Donald Trump to cut off funding to the so-called global guardian of public health.


"At this moment, it is better to focus our energy on containing the spread of the Covid-19," Retno said in Jakarta.

A day earlier, she met foreign ministers from 25 countries grouping in the Alliance of Multilateralism to discuss global response to the pandemic which has infected 2.2 million people and killed 150,000 people worldwide so far.

“I stated that countries support the WHO as the platform for them to share information and guidelines to mitigate and respond to health emergencies,” she said.

India, Germany, and France have also taken the same stance, she added.

“We also agreed to use this moment to deliver reform so that international organizations can take better responses for future crises,” Retno said.

Retno said Indonesia is participating in the WHO Solidarity Trial, a group involving at least 90 countries who seek to accelerate the development of the Covid-19 vaccine.

“In the WHO framework, Indonesia participated in the Solidarity Trial. It conducts clinical tests of Covid-19 medicines and we will see which one is most effective to defeat the virus," Retno said.

Trump revealed on Tuesday that his administration will stop funding the WHO, which he accused of mismanagement and “covering up the spread of the coronavirus”. 

The US is WHO’s biggest single donor, contributed $400 million in 2019 to the organization’s $2.2 billion annual budget.