A resident undergoes a swab test for coronavirus in Cilandak, East Jakarta, on Oct. 26, 2020. (Beritasatu Photo/Joanito De Saojoao)

Indonesia Continues Downward Trend in Coronavirus Cases 


NOVEMBER 02, 2020

Jakarta. Indonesia reported the lowest one-day total of coronavirus cases in more than two months on Monday, as the steady decline in new infections continues.

But a spike in Jakarta, home to 25 percent of the country’s overall cases, raises concern that nationwide tally could rebound at anytime.


Indonesia has added 2,618 new cases in the last 24 hours for a total of 415,402, according to the latest data from the Health Ministry.

The seven-day average has been declining for 11 consecutive days, while the number of recovered patients has beaten that of newly cases for the fifth day in a row.

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These developments cut the total number of active cases to 55,792, a decrease by more than 10,000 from three weeks ago.

The death toll passed 14,000 on Monday, after 101 more Covid-19 patients have died in the 24-hour period.

Jakarta recorded 1,024 new cases of the virus, the first time in nine days its one-day number hits four digits. The capital city has a total of 107,229 cases, including 2,288 deaths.

The spike came only a day after it reported the lowest daily infections in more than 70 days.

Jakarta has twice as many cases as in East Java, which has the second-highest number of cases and the highest number of Covid-19 deaths.

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East Java added 284 more cases for a total of 53,002, including 3,799 deaths. It has been outpaced by both West and Central Java, which are ranked third and fourth, respectively, in terms of the overall cases.

West Java has a total of 36,924 cases, 341 more from the previous day. Central Java comes next with a total of 34,618 cases and 1,764 deaths, the third-highest death toll after East Java and Jakarta.

The virus is still spreading fast in West Sumatra, which reported 178 new cases to take its total to 14,940. It overtook Riau in the sixth place of worst-affected provinces. 

Riau, which saw a dramatic surge in newly cases last month, has added just 42 more cases in the last two days, bringing its total number of cases to 14,841.

Most of other hotspots also reported two-digit daily numbers, while South Sulawesi, which is ranked fifth with a total of 18,372 cases, reported only two more cases in the day.

East Kalimantan registered 86 new cases to take its total to 14,345 while North Sumatra added 79 more for a total of 13,277.

South Kalimantan, the only province in the top ten with a clear path towards flattening the curve, reported just 12 new cases to take its total to 11,893.

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