A rickshaw passes in front of the Bank Indonesia building in Yogyakarta on Wednesday. (Antara Photo/Andreas Fitri Atmoko)

Indonesia Moderately Unsafe in Pandemic: Report


JUNE 10, 2020

Jakarta. Indonesia has been categorized as an unsafe country in a recent report that studied Covid-19 responses in 200 countries and regions in terms of government responses, including quarantine efficiency and emergency preparedness.

The Deep Knowledge Group's report, titled "Covid-19 Regional Safety Assessment," analyzes and ranks the countries' economic, social and health stability.

The report categorizes 200 countries and regions into four tiers, from safest to most unsafe.

Twenty countries occupy the first and second tiers, 60 countries the third and 100 countries the fourth.

Indonesia is placed squarely in the third tier. According to the report, countries in this tier are anomalies that should have ranked higher in safety, but for some reason did not.

"[The third tier] demonstrates that one of the most critical factors impacting regional safety and stability is not the general level of healthcare sophistication, but the specific governmental strategies used to combat pandemics," the report said.

In the Asia Pacific, Indonesia is ranked 18 out of 36, worse than Bangladesh, Myanmar and the Philippines.

Malaysia, Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore, Japan and China top the list as the safest countries in the region.

Globally, Indonesia sits in 97th position out of 200, with a moderate safety score of 450.

Switzerland, Germany, Israel, Singapore and Japan top the global list with scores of over 730, followed by Austria, China, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea.

According to the report, the high safety scores in Singapore and China are due to a high degree of emergency preparedness and immense capacity to mobilize resources required to counter the pandemic.

The most unsafe countries in the list are South Sudan, Rwanda, Mali, Chad and Afghanistan.

Each country is scored on its quarantine efficiency, government's risk management, monitoring and detection efficiency, health readiness, regional resilience and emergency preparedness.

Out of 100 countries ranked for its quarantine efficiency, Indonesia is in 82nd place. The top countries are New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, Denmark and Hong Kong.

On government response efficiency, Indonesia is in 80th place with a score of 108, night and day compared to top-scoring countries Germany (194), Israel (191), Austria (188), Switzerland (188) and Japan (184).

On monitoring and detecting Covid-19, Indonesia is in 73rd place.

In healthcare readiness for Covid-19, Indonesia is 92nd.

In regional resiliency, Indonesia is in 95th place and 93rd in emergency preparedness.