A volunteer is involved in the Sinovac vaccine clinical trial in Bandung, West Java. (Antara Photo/M Agung Rajasa)

Indonesia Mulls Buying Covid-19 Vaccine from Astra Zeneca, Moderna


SEPTEMBER 15, 2020

Jakarta. The Indonesian government has listed at least 10 main sources of vaccine against Covid-19, including Astra Zeneca and Moderna, a senior minister said on Tuesday.

The government has earlier secured commitment for the supply of more than 400 million doses of vaccine from China’s Sinovac Biotech and United Arab Emirates’ G42 Health Care Industry, but more sources of the vaccine are needed to ensure adequate supply, according to Coordinating Minister for the Economy Airlangga Hartarto.


The Sinovac vaccine is on top of the list as phase 3 clinical trial is currently underway in Bandung, West Java, in collaboration with state-run pharmaceutical company Bio Farma and Padjadjaran University’s Faculty of Medicine.

“We have access for 250 million to 300 million doses of the [Sinovac] vaccine, of which 30 million doses will be delivered in the fourth quarter of the year. The vaccine can be administered in the first quarter of 2021, subject to the success of the clinical trial,” Airlangga said in Jakarta.

The G42 vaccine, developed by the UAE and the Wuhan Institute of Biological Products, is also undergoing clinical trial in the UAE. The Indonesian government has secured a commitment for the supply of up to 110 million doses, Airlangga said.

Other sources will include Astra Zeneca, the Global Alliance for Vaccine and Immunization (GAVI), CanSino Biological, Moderna, Acturus Therapeutics, Genexine Korea, and locally-developed Merah Putih Vaccine, he said.

“We have established cooperation with other parties such as Astra Zeneca and the GAVI. This is a multilateral cooperation involving institutions and states so that we can acquire the vaccine through public service scheme,” Airlangga said. 

“Under the GAVI, vaccine price can be reduced to as low as $3-$5 per dose. The vaccine developed by Sinovac and G-42 is priced between $10 and $ 20,” Airlangga said.

The Merah Putih vaccine developed by an Indonesian consortium will run the final stage of clinical trial late next year, he said.

“Those vaccines have different methods of application: some require a jab of the vaccine, while others may need two injections. This could affect the price as well,” Airlangga said.

The minister said earlier that the government had allocated the equivalent of $2.8 billion in multi-year budget for the development, production and procurement of a vaccine against Covid-19.