A resident undergoes a swab test for coronavirus in Cilandak, East Jakarta, on Oct. 26, 2020. (Beritasatu Photo/Joanito De Saojoao)

Indonesia Passes 400,000 Coronavirus Cases


OCTOBER 28, 2020

Jakarta. The total number of coronavirus cases in Indonesia reached a grim milestone of 400,000 on Wednesday, making it the worst-affected country in Southeast Asia.

Indonesia is ranked 19th among countries with the most coronavirus cases in the world, according to Johns Hopkins University.

The country has recorded 4,029 new cases in the last 24 hours to take the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases to 400,483, including 13,612 deaths, according to the latest data from the Health Ministry.

Indonesia reached the 100,000 mark on July 27, or four months and 25 days after first cases were confirmed. The total number of cases exceeded 200,000 on Sept. 8 or after two months and four days. Within less than two months from that, the figure hit 300,000. It took just 24 days from the last milestone on Oct. 4 to the current number.

About 81 percent of Covid-19 patients have been cured or discharged from hospitals. The total number of active cases stands at 61,078.

Jakarta Factor
Four provinces in Java and two others in Sumatra keep newly cases surging in the country.

Jakarta has been averaging more than 1,000 cases since Sept. 1, or about 25 percent of the national average. The capital city has not established a firm and consistent policy on social distancing or travel restrictions and depends largely on the central government to provide quarantine facilities and hospitals for Covid-19 patients. 

The makeshift Covid-19 hospital that has around 3,000 beds at the athletes’ village in Central Jakarta has been set up by the central government. The facility is currently the country’s biggest and can be expanded to over 5,000 beds. The capital is also home to key medical laboratories owned by the Health Ministry.

The dramatic surge in Jakarta began in late August when daily numbers hit 1,000 for the first time. It remains the only province so far to ever report a four-digit daily total.

Jakarta has a total of 103,522 cases, including 2,204 deaths, but newly cases of the virus have been trending down in the past two weeks. The total number of infected people in Jakarta is double than that of East Java, the second worst-affected province.

East Java, which averages 286 cases this month, has been outpaced by West and Central Java. But it remains the deadliest place in the Indonesian outbreak, with a total of 3,724 Covid-19 deaths.

West Java has been averaging 462 cases since the beginning of the month, second only to Jakarta. It has a total of 35,148 cases -- more than a third have been occurring this month -- suggesting that new transmissions at the country’s most populous province are at the fastest speed.

Central Java is ranked fourth with a total of 32,732 cases, but has the third-biggest number of Covid-19 deaths on 1,711.

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Riau and West Sumatra
Both provinces in Sumatra have been rising through the ranks to become the sixth and seventh provinces with the most cases and even on course for overtaking South Sulawesi in the fifth place.

Both average more than 200 cases this month, the biggest daily number outside the top four in Java. 

Riau has a total of 14,251 cases, more than seven times its reported cases two months ago. West Sumatra is next with 13,649 cases, leapfrogging other provinces from just 2,240 cases it reported on Sept. 1.

South Sulawesi, which was hit badly in the wake of the outbreak, is in fifth place with a total of 18,275 cases but it averages just 96 cases this month.

East Kalimantan and Banten also see a surge in newly cases in comparison to their reported cases in the previous month.

Banten has added more than 3,500 new cases month to date, taking its total to 9,208. It has been reporting three-digit daily numbers since mid-September.

East Kalimantan is ranked eighth with a total of 13,562 cases, averaging 175 cases since Oct. 1.