Medical workers inspect an ambulance at the makeshift Covid-19 hospital in Kemayoran, Central Jakarta. (Antara Photo/Rivan Awal Lingga)

Indonesia Passes 500,000 Coronavirus Cases


NOVEMBER 23, 2020

Jakarta. The total number of coronavirus cases in Indonesia passed the half a million mark on Monday, or 267 days since the country’s first cases were confirmed on March 2.

The grim milestone was reached after 4,442 more infections were recorded in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 502,110.


It took 148 days for the country to record its first 100,000 cases, and another 43 days for it to see the total number of cases passing the 200,000 mark. Since then, an additional of 100,000 cases have come in almost every month. 

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The death toll exceeded 16,000 after 118 more Covid-19 patients have died in the 24-hour period.

The total number of active cases stands at 63,722 or 12.7 percent of the overall cases.

A dramatic surge in cases in Central and West Java earlier this month has added the pace to new transmissions, while Jakarta saw resurgence and record number of its daily total.

Newly cases in East Java also begin to claim after averaging fewer than 300 cases for the last two months.

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Jakarta recorded 1,009 new cases to take its total to 128,173, including 2,542 deaths. It has been averaging 1,220 cases in the past week, the highest weekly number since the outbreak began.

For the fourth time this month, Central Java registered a four-digit daily number by adding 1,005 cases for a total of 48,385.

At least 2,140 people have died from coronavirus-related disease in the province, the third-highest death toll nationwide.

West Java added 602 cases to take its total to 48,666. The country’s most-populous province has added more than 12,300 cases month to date.

East Java has the second-highest total number of cases, amounting to 59,044 as of Monday. It has recorded the highest daily death toll of 35 in the last 24 hours to bring its total death toll to 4,184 -- more than any other provinces.

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The next worst-affected provinces -- South Sulawesi, Riau and East Kalimantan -- recorded 100 or more cases in the day. South Sulawesi is ranked fifth with a total of 19,996 cases, but has been averaging just 72 cases since Nov. 1.

Riau comes next with a total of 18,755 cases, followed by West Sumatra (18,626) and East Kalimantan (18,414).

The daily number in West Sumatra fell to 33 on Monday, the smallest in more than three months.

Banten, just south of Jakarta, recorded 171 cases to take its total to 11,806.

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