West Jakarta residents stand in line at a 'Rice ATM' organised by the military. (JG Photo/Yudha Baskoro)

Indonesia Reports 693 New Coronavirus Cases, Highest Rise in a Day


MAY 20, 2020

Jakarta. Confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia soared by 693 on Wednesday in yet another record high, almost three times the daily average since the outbreak began in early March, taking the country's total to 19,189.

The figure includes 1,242 deaths, up by 21 from the previous day, and 4,575 recoveries.

Three most-affected provinces continue to report a significant number of transmissions of the coronavirus despite social restriction already in place.

West Java reported a new high of 176 cases in the province in the 24-hour period, after seemingly being able to contain the outbreak with daily two-digit figures during the past week.

East Java was the second biggest contributor in Wednesday's national tally with 119 cases.

Jakarta, which just decided to extend its large-scale social restriction for the next two weeks, came third with 81cases.

Southeast Asia's biggest country has seen a significant surge in confirmed cases of Covid-19 since May 12, when daily cases exceeded 480.

Over the past nine days, there have been 4,924 new cases – a whopping 25.66 percent of the overall tally since the first cases were identified on March 2.

The previous daily record was 689 cases exactly a week ago.

Jakarta has been the hardest hit by the outbreak with 6,236 cases and 472 deaths, followed by East Java (2,496 cases, 228 deaths), West Java (1,876 cases, 124 deaths), Central Java (1,192 cases, 70 deaths) and South Sulawesi (1,101 cases, 56 deaths).

The remaining 29 provinces have reported fewer than 1,000 cases each.

National Covid-19 Task Force spokesman Achmad Yurianto said there were 11,705 probable cases at hospitals (PDP) pending swab tests. 

The number of persons under surveillance for suspected coronavirus infections (ODP) is put at 44,703. People in this category are those who develop mild symptoms that don't require hospitalization or those who have had contact with positive cases.

Achmad said a total of 154,139 people have undergone testing using the polymerase chain reaction method.

Daily testing averages around 7,000, nowhere near the government's target of 10,000.