Many new graves of Covid-19 victims are seen at Pondok Rangon cemetery in East Jakarta on July 17, 2020. (B1 Photo/Joanito de Saojoao)

Indonesia Reports Highest Daily Covid Death Toll as Cases Pass 700,000


DECEMBER 25, 2020

Jakarta. Indonesia recorded 258 coronavirus-related deaths on Friday, the highest daily death toll so far, while the total number of confirmed cases passed the 700,000 mark during the country’s darkest period of the outbreak.

It’s for the third time that the daily death toll topped 200, all occurring this month.

More than 3,900 people have died from coronavirus since the beginning of the month, already breaking the previous record for the highest monthly death toll.

The total death toll now stands at 20,847 or 3 percent of the overall cases, Health Ministry figures show.

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The record-breaking daily death toll is mainly due to a dramatic surge in Central Java, which registered an all-time provincial record of 91 deaths in a single day.

Central Java has recorded a total of 3,147 Covid deaths, the third-highest death toll nationwide. It’s now catching up Jakarta which recorded a total of 3,153 deaths, 21 more from the previous day.

The virus has killed more people in East Java than any other province. It has added 78 more deaths in the 24-hour period for a total of 5,477.

Sad Milestone
An additional 7,259 cases were recorded in the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 700,097. 

It took only two weeks for the country to hit the sad milestone since the total number of cases reached 600,000, the shortest period for adding another 100,000 cases.

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There have been 108,946 active cases of the virus, nearly a 100 percent rise from the 54,804 active cases recorded in the end of November.

Jakarta, the hardest hit by the virus in the Indonesian outbreak, topped 2,000 cases for the first time amid ongoing surge in the capital city.

It has recorded a total of 171,871 cases, even bigger than the overall cases in East and West Java combined. Jakarta has beaten its own record in daily total four times this month.

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East Java saw an uptick in newly coronavirus cases in late November and by 25 days this month it has added more than 17,300 cases for a total of 79,207.

By comparison, the province registered just 9,400 cases throughout November. 

Covid cases are also rising fast in West Java, which has the third-highest total number of cases countrywide.

It has added 25,580 cases since Dec. 1 to take the province’s total to 78,097. In November, the country’s most populous province recorded a monthly total of 16,179 cases.

Central Java is ranked fourth in terms of confirmed cases, with a total of 76,137 cases after adding around 20,200 in the last 25 days.

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Other Hotspots
December is also the worst period of the coronavirus outbreak for South Sulawesi, where the number of cases has more than tripled its November tally.

Last month, South Sulawesi recorded 2,312 cases, as opposed to the month-to-date total of 7,569. There have been a total of 28,316 cases in South Sulawesi, putting it in the fifth place among worst-affected provinces.

East Kalimantan, which also sees resurgence in cases, is trailing behind with a total of 25,482 cases.

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The surge is slowing in Riau and West Sumatra, two other provinces in the top eight, but several other provinces like Banten, Yogyakarta and Central Kalimantan have emerged as new hotspots with three-digit daily numbers in recent weeks.

Yogyakarta passed 10,000 coronavirus cases earlier this week while Banten overtook Bali to rank tenth among provinces with the most cases.

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