Medical workers prepare the burial of a deceased Covid-19 patient at Pondok Rangon public cemetery in East Jakarta on July 7, 2020. (B1 Photo/Joanito de Saojoao)

Indonesia Reports over 3,100 Covid-19 Deaths Month-to-Date


SEPTEMBER 29, 2020

Jakarta. Indonesia has recorded 3,184 deaths from coronavirus-related diseases since the beginning of the month, the highest monthly death toll since first cases of infection were confirmed early in March.

The month-to-date death toll accounts for 30 percent of the total 10,601 Covid-19 deaths as of Tuesday.

While being ranked second in the number of confirmed cases, East Java sees the highest death toll countrywide, totaling 3,162 from more than 43,000 cases. 

The fatality number in East Java is almost double that of Jakarta, which has nearly 72,600 cases.

Central Java came third with 1,409 deaths and 22,205 cases. Only the three provinces have recorded more than 1,000 Covid-19 deaths.

More often than not, daily death toll has been reaching three digits since Sept. 1, including a record 160 last week. But the official death toll figures don’t include deaths from probable cases, despite thousands more deceased patients having been buried under the Covid-19 protocol.

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Indonesia added 4,002 more cases of coronavirus on Tuesday, taking its total to 282,724. The archipelago has been averaging more than 3,700 cases since the start of the month, amassing close to 108,000 cases.

By comparison, Southeast Asia’s biggest country added around 66,400 cases last month.

West Java Adds 10k 
Jakarta has reported 1,238 new cases in the last 24 hours -- the only province to ever report four-digit daily numbers so far.

The surge is slowing in East Java, which has reported fewer than 300 caseloads in the last five days, but the virus is spreading faster in Central and West Java.

Central Java has doubled the number of cases from August while West Java has seen a 150 percent rise.

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West Java has added 10,696 cases since Sept. 1, bringing the total number of cases to 21,759. Indonesia’s most populous province averages 369 cases this month, second only to Jakarta.

Second Group
Riau, East Kalimantan and West Sumatra have seen the biggest surge among other hotspots in the second group after the four provinces on Java Island.

Riau has added 5,424 cases since Sept. 1 for a total of 7,270, meaning that an overwhelming majority of cases has come from September alone.

East Kalimantan accumulated 4,194 cases throughout the month, nearly a half of its total tally of 8,438. 

West Sumatra had only 2,157 cases on August 31 but the figure has jumped to 6,180 as of Tuesday.

South Sulawesi remains to have the fifth-biggest number of cases, standing at 15,501 on Tuesday, after resurgence in newly cases since early this month. It averages 121 cases, up from 82 in August.

South Kalimantan is the only province inside the top ten to experience a consistent downward trend in newly cases, with an average of just 69 per day, even lower from the average of 71 last month. The province is ranked sixth with 10,289 cases.

North Sumatra is catching up quickly and now has a total of 10,211 cases. 

Cases are also surging in Bali, with an average of 122 cases per day this month, bringing its total number of cases to 8,745.

Overall, Indonesia has 61,686 active cases of the virus in all 34 provinces, while the number of cured patients stand at 210,437.