Medical waste disposal bin is seen during nasal swab test at Depok City Regional Health Laboratory in West Java on Thursday. (JG Photo/Yudha Baskoro)

Indonesia Reports Over 650 Covid-19 Cases Abroad


MAY 01, 2020

Jakarta. The number of Indonesians abroad who gets infected Covid-19 rose to 654 people, a jump by more than a third from two weeks ago, spreading across 31 countries, the Foreign Affairs Ministry said on Friday.

The deaths tally also increased to 33 deaths and recoveries to 218, with all Indonesians in South Korea, Finland, Ireland, Cambodia, and Oman have recovered.


Among the new case was an Indonesian recovered in Ecuador, and another one got infected in Kuwait but remained in stable condition. 

Currently, Malaysia accounted for most of the cases, comprising 108 cases, two deaths, and 18 recoveries. The neighboring country is the destination for 1.3 million of Indonesia's migrant workers. The government has repatriated close to 70,000 of the workers.

India followed with 75 cases and 71 recoveries. The embassy in Saudi Arabia, the nest country with most Indonesian workers, reported 73 cases, five deaths and six recoveries.

Singapore has 50 cases, two dead and 28 recovered, while the United States (49 cases, twelve dead and nine recoveries), and Pakistan (32 cases, 20 recoveries).

Others are in Australia, Netherlands,  Belgium, Brunei Darussalam, the Philippines, England, Italy, Japan, Germany, Cambodia, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Macau, Taipei, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, and the Holy See.

Meanwhile, there are 170 Indonesian ship crews positive with Covid-19, and being treated overseas, in which four have died and 17 recovered.

Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday the country would expect at least 2,300 more ship crews arrivals from 18 cruises. As of Tuesday, 11,505 crews have repatriated.

"We conduct strict health protocol on repatriating the ship crews, especially upon arrival," Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi said on Tuesday.

The ministry also revealed 257 foreigners in Indonesia are positive with the virus, of which 144 have recovered and 15 died. At least 306 foreigners are person-in-observation. They did not inform the foreigners' origin countries, but assured they are continuously communicating with related embassies for updates.

As of Friday, the Covid-19 have reached 214 countries, infecting 3,145,407 people and killed 221,823. The number includes cases in Indonesia that have surged to 10,551 with 800 fatalities.