Medical workers open drive-through coronavirus diagnostic testing site in Cilandak, South Jakarta, on Oct. 26, 2020. (Beritasatu Photo/Joanito de Saojoao)

Indonesia Reports Slowest Monthly Growth in Covid-Cases


OCTOBER 31, 2020

Jakarta. Indonesia reported a single-digit monthly rise in the number of coronavirus cases on Saturday, the slowest growth since the outbreak began in early March.

The country has recorded 123,080 confirmed cases of coronavirus throughout the month to take its total to 410,088.

The total number in October is a 9.7 percent increase on the September figure. In the wake of the outbreak, monthly cases soared by 460 percent in April, but the growth slowed to 90 percent in May, 83 percent in June, 74 percent in July and 28 percent in August.

The growth picked up the pace again in September, which saw a 69 percent rise or around 45,700 more infections from the previous month. By quantity, September saw the biggest gain in monthly numbers.

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Despite the slowing growth in newly cases, it remains hard to predict when the country reaches its peak as testing capacity remains way below the World Health Organization standards in most of 34 provinces.

The monthly number of Covid-19 deaths is down slightly to 3,129 from 3,323 last month.

The nationwide death toll stands at 13,869 as of Saturday, or 3.4 percent of overall cases -- still above the global average. 

Indonesian health authorities don’t include deaths from probable cases to the coronavirus death toll, although thousands more deceased patients have been buried under the Covid-19 protocol for cautions.

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Biggest Gainers in October
Combined cases from four provinces in Java account for 54 percent of the nationwide total in October, with only East Java reporting a slower growth.

Jakarta is the biggest contributor to the national tally this month with more than 31,800 cases or around 26 percent. The capital city has recorded a total of 105,597 cases since the outbreak, including 2,251 deaths.

West Java comes second with 14,133 cases this month alone, taking its total to 36,338.

Central Java adds 11,477 cases to the national monthly figure and it now has a total of 33,912 cases, including 1,745 deaths, the third-highest number of fatalities.

While being ranked second in the overall tally, East Java is in fourth place for October, when it added 8,721 more cases for a total of 52,465. The October rise is lower than the 10,201 cases it recorded in September.

East Java has the highest number of coronavirus-related fatalities, totaling 3,758.

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West Sumatra registered 8,256 cases in October, almost matches the monthly rise in East Java, to take its total to 14,537. 

Neighboring Riau added 7,177 cases throughout the month for a total of 14,799.

East Kalimantan is the next biggest contributor this month with another 5,440 cases to take its total to 14,091 cases.

Banten, Bali and Aceh are the next top contributors to October caseloads, although they don’t belong to the top ten provinces with the most cases overall.

Meanwhile, the surge is slowing in South Sulawesi, North Sumatra and South Kalimantan this month, with an average of fewer than 90 cases per day.

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