An ambulance carrying a Covid-19 patient approaches makeshift hospital at the athletes’ village in Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, on Sept. 11, 2020. (Beritasatu Photo/Joanito De Saojoao)

Indonesia Sees Highest Monthly Numbers in Covid-19 Cases, Deaths


SEPTEMBER 30, 2020

Jakarta. Indonesia has gone through yet another toughest month in the coronavirus outbreak which sees the highest number of both confirmed cases and deaths, while the peak remains a moving target.

The country has added 112,212 cases throughout September, a 69 percent rise from the previous month, for a total of 287,008 cases -- beating its own record in daily cases eight times in the process.

Jakarta has accumulated 33,650 cases during the month, making up 30 percent of the national tally in September. West Java and Central Java reported a surge in newly cases, while East Java still averaged 340 cases per day.

As the virus is still raging on in the most-populous provinces in Java, at least six provinces have emerged as new hotspots including East Kalimantan, Bali, Riau, West Sumatra, Aceh and Banten.

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On the other hand, provinces which have shown initial success in containing the outbreak like South Sulawesi and Papua saw resurgence in newly cases.

On top of that, the capital Jakarta and Indonesia’s most populous province of West Java recorded unprecedented rate in new transmissions. Daily average in Jakarta has reached a four-digit figure while West Java has doubled the total number of cases within the month.

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At least four other provinces have seen their total number of cases more than double during the month, including East Kalimantan, Riau, West Sumatra and Aceh. 

The death toll jumped by 130 on Wednesday for a total of 10,740. Indonesia has recorded 3,323 Covid-19 deaths since Sept. 1, the highest monthly death toll since the outbreak in early March. The September death toll is 45 percent higher than the previous month.

More often than not, the daily death toll has been hitting three digits since the beginning of the month.

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East Java has been regularly reporting the highest daily death toll during the most part of the month and now has a total of 3,192 Covid-19 deaths.

Jakarta has the second-highest death toll with a total of 1,729 deaths, followed by Central Java with 1,414. Apart from the three worst-hit provinces, no other provinces have recorded more than 1,000 deaths in the outbreak.

The number of cured or discharged Covid-19 patients hit a new high with 4,510 recoveries on Wednesday for a total of 214,947 or 75 percent of total cases.

That means Indonesia still has to deal with 61,321 active cases of the virus across 34 provinces.