Palestinian protestors are seen next to the border fence between Israel and Gaza in this May 2018 file photo. (Reuters Photo/Amir Cohen)

Indonesia Urges Human Rights Council to Take 'Real Actions' Against Israel


SEPTEMBER 27, 2018

Jakarta. Indonesia urged the United Nations Human Rights Council on Monday (24/09) to take "real actions" and put an end to Israel's impunity.

It added that an ongoing UN probe of alleged human rights violations by Israeli forces should later recommend a mechanism to hold them accountable.

"The UN Human Rights Council must take real actions to end the impunity Israel has enjoyed thus far, and seriously pursue accountability for continued human rights violations they have done on Palestinian land," said Hasan Kleib,

Indonesia's permanent representative at the United Nations in Geneva, as quoted in a statement received by the Jakarta Globe.

Indonesia welcomed the appointment of a team of international war-crime investigators after the adoption in May of a resolution to investigate reports of violations and abuses against peaceful Palestinian protesters in Gaza.

Santiago Canton of Argentina chairs the commission of inquiry, which also comprises of Sara Hossain of Bangladesh and Kaari Betty Murungi of Kenya.

Israeli forces have allegedly killed more than a hundred Palestinians and injured thousands more since protests began on March 30.

The team will present its final report during the 40th session of the Human Rights Council, scheduled to take place in March next year.

Hasan added that armed violence against civilians in Gaza should serve as a reminder for the United Nations to immediately take concrete steps to end Israeli's "inhumane" policies.

He said Israel has blatantly violated international human rights laws, including the development of illegal settlements and restricting the mobility of Palestinians.

Furthermore, Hasan said the commission should issue recommendations on a mechanism to hold Israeli forces accountable for their crime against Palestinians.