Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesman Teuku Faizasyah.

Indonesia Urges Peace Settlement in Ukraine Crisis


FEBRUARY 24, 2022

Jakarta. The Indonesian government recently issued a statement on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, urging all sides to prioritize negotiation and peaceful settlement.

“Indonesia is concerned about the escalating armed conflicts in Ukraine, which poses a major threat to the safety of the people and affect peace in the region,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Teuku Faizasyah told a media briefing in Jakarta on Thursday. 

Indonesia asserted that international law and the UN Charter must be respected to ensure the territorial integrity of a country. Indonesia condemns any action that clearly violates a country’s territory and sovereignty.

“Indonesia has, on many occasions, emphasized respect for the integral territory of a country and international law. How we define a region is a principle of honoring the sovereignty of a region,” Teuku said.


Indonesia will continue to convince that peace is the best option. Indonesia demanded Russia and Ukraine to avoid escalation and settle their conflicts at the negotiating table.

“Indonesia once again urged all parties to bring forward negotiations and diplomacy to stop the conflict, and prioritize peaceful settlements,” Teuku said.

The Indonesian Embassy has taken the necessary steps to protect the Indonesian nationals in Ukraine, in accordance with the prepared contingency plan, according to Teuku.