Indonesian cyclist Tiara Andini Prastika participating in the 2018 Asian Games mountain bike women's downhill final in Subang, West Java, on Monday (20/08). (Antara Photo/ Inasgoc/Aji Wisnu Novianto)

Indonesia Wins 2 Gold, 1 Bronze in Cycling at 2018 Asian Games


AUGUST 21, 2018

Jakarta. Tiara Andini Prastika, Khoiful Mukhib and Nining Porwaningsih presented Indonesia with three more medals – two gold and a bronze – in the 2018 Asian Games mountain bike downhill racing in Subang, West Java, on Monday (20/08).

Tiara won the women's downhill event in 2 minutes 33.056 seconds, followed by Vipavee Deekaballes of Thailand and fellow Indonesian Nining, 9.598 seconds and 9.608 seconds behind, respectively.

Tiara Andini Prastika, center, Vipavee Deekaballes, left, and Nining Porwaningsih show off the medals they won in the women's downhill cycling event. (Antara Photo/Inasgoc/Dwi Andri Purwanto)

Khoiful, meanwhile, won the men's downhill event in 2 minutes 16.667 seconds, defeating Ciang Sheng-shan of Taiwan and Suebsakun Sukchanya of Thailand, who were 1.497 and 1.762 seconds slower, respectively.

Khoiful Mukhib, center, Ciang Sheng-shan, left, and Suebsakun Sukchanya. (Antara Photo/Inasgoc/Dwi Andri Purwanto)

Indonesia was expected to win at least one gold medal in mountain biking at this year's Games, as Tiara, 22, is considered the best women's athlete in the sport in Asia, according to team coach Benny Setyawan.

The cycling world governing body ranks Tiara in 16th place globally in women's downhill cycling, while Nining is ranked 87th. Khoiful is ranked 69th in men's downhill cycling.

Their achievements have put Indonesia in fourth place overall in the 2018 Asian Games medal count by Monday night, with four gold, two silver and two bronze medals.

The other gold medals are from women's taekwondo and women's wushu, while the silver came from men's wushu and women's weightlifting. The other bronze medal was won in men's weightlifting.

Indonesia hopes to win at least 16 gold medals to finish in the top 10 at this year's Asian Games.