Indonesian migrant workers arrive at Batam Center International Port in Riau Islands from Malaysia last week. (Antara Photo/M.N. Kanwa)

Indonesian Covid-19 Cases Abroad Pass 900 as New Surges Reported in Malaysia and Kuwait


MAY 27, 2020

Jakarta. According to the Foreign Affairs Ministry, a total of 928 Indonesian citizens in 34 countries and on cruise ships have contracted Covid-19, with surges of new infections found in Kuwait and Malaysia recently.

As of Wednesday, 49 of them have died and 465 have recovered.


A surge of new cases occurred in Malaysia this week, most of them in overcrowded immigration detention centers where migrant workers have been kept.  

A total of 49 new cases were reported on Wednesday, bringing the total number of Indonesians who have contracted Covid-19 in Malaysia to 157. 

"Out of the 49 new cases, 38 occurred in immigration detention centers in Semenyih, Bukit Jalil and Sepang. Eleven more were identified on a construction site in Kuala Lumpur," Judha Nugraha, the ministry's citizen protection director, said in a teleconference.

He said the Malaysian government had closed down the construction site to prevent more cases.

"The Malaysian government has informed us that the construction site is now closed. We've asked them to tell business owners to do more to protect our migrant workers in the workplace and at home," he said.

Another surge of Covid-19 cases involving Indonesians occurred in Kuwait, a majority of whom are medical workers working at local hospitals. 

"A total of 59 Indonesians have contracted Covid-19 in Kuwait, 47 of them are nurses working in local hospitals," ministry spokesman Teuku Faizasyah said.

On Monday, an Indonesian nurse passed away from Covid-19 at Jaber Hospital in Kuwait City.

The number of Indonesian citizens abroad who have contracted Covid-19 is still increasing every day. So far, cases have been found in Malaysia (157 cases, 27 recoveries, 2 deaths), Saudi Arabia (112 cases, 25 recoveries, 13 deaths), India (75 cases, 74 recoveries), United States (67 cases, 27 recoveries, 14 deaths), Kuwait (59 cases, 6 recoveries, 2 deaths), Qatar (52 cases, 9 recoveries), Singapore (52 cases, 47 recoveries, 2 deaths) and on cruise ships (173 cases, 117 recoveries, 5 deaths).