Glenn Fredly sings at the "20 Tahun Berkarya" concert, celebrating his two-decades of music for Indonesia at Sheraton Hotel in Makassar, South Sulawesi. (Antara Photo/ Abriawan Abhe)

Indonesian Singer-Songwriter Glenn Fredly Passes Away at 44


APRIL 09, 2020

Jakarta. Glenn Fredly Deviano Latuihamallo, Indonesia’s renowned R&B singer and songwriter, passed away on Wednesday evening at Setia Mitra Hospital in South Jakarta. He was 44.

His close friend and fellow musician Tompi confirmed the news to Billboard Indonesia.

"Sad news from the world of music in Indonesia. [Glenn Fredly] passed away today, April 8, 2020. He took his last breath at the age of 44 years. Tompi has confirmed this news. Thank you for all your work and goodbye, Glenn Fredly," Billboard Indonesia tweeted.

Glenn is said to have died of inflammation of the brain or meningitis.

Earlier on Wednesday, Glenn's wife Mutia Ayu uploaded a picture of herself and Glenn during a vacation on Instagram. 

"When Gewa is grown-up and understands, she will say, 'I'm proud to be your daughter.' God will always take care of us. I love you," Mutia said in her post. The photograph was apparently uploaded before Glenn’s death.

Born in Jakarta on September 30, 1975, Glenn displayed a talent for music from a young age by winning a handful of singing competitions.

He entered the music industry in 1995 after winning a singing contest. He has since carved a musical career that spanned two decades with dozens of albums as a solo artist. 

In 2001, he received the Indonesian Music Award for the R&B category, and the following year he released his best-known break-up ballad, “Januari”.

Since then, many of his songs are timeless and remain hits in the Indonesian music scene, such as “Terserah” and “Akhir Cerita Cinta”.

Glenn was not only successful as a singer and songwriter, but he has also starred in feature films and contributed to the Indonesian film industry by producing films such as "Cahaya dari Timur: Beta Maluku" (2014), "Filosofi Kopi" (2015), and "Surat Dari Praha" (2016).

He is also known for his role in building a healthy music ecosystem in Indonesia through the Indonesian Music Coalition (Kami), which campaigns against copyrights infringements.  

Apart from his career in music, Glenn is an outspoken campaigner on human rights and very active in social activities.

Glenn is survived by his wife Mutia Ayu and their two-month-old daughter Gewa Atlana.