The Great Pyramid of Giza. (Photo courtesy of Indonesian Embassy in Cairo)

Indonesians in Egypt Warned to Avoid Tourist Traps After Bomb Blast in Giza


MAY 20, 2019

Jakarta. No Indonesian has been injured in a bomb attack targeting a tourist bus near the Giza pyramids in Egypt on Sunday, Indonesian Ambassador to Egypt Helmy Fauzy told the Jakarta Globe.

He urged all Indonesians traveling or living in Egypt to increase caution while in the country.

A low-explosive bomb exploded next to a tourist bus that was parked near the Grand Museum in Giza on Sunday. There were 25 foreign tourists in the bus when the explosion happened.

According to Helmy, 12 people were injured; seven of them were tourists from South Africa and the rest were Egyptians.

"Our Egyptian sources have told us no Indonesian was among the victims of the attack," Helmy said in a WhatsApp message on Monday.

Most of the victims suffered cuts from being hit by broken glass from the bus windows, Helmy said.

"The Indonesian Embassy in Cairo urges all Indonesian citizens in Egypt to be vigilant and to avoid busy locations where large crowds gather," the former journalist said.

Indonesian tourists who want to visit Sinai should make sure that their buses are guarded by Egyptian security personnel, Helmy said.