Indonesia's Chamber of Commerce and Industry wants companies to integrate more sustainable practices into their operations. (Photo courtesy of April Group)

Indonesia's Chamber of Commerce Pushes Private Companies to Optimize Sustainable Practices

MARCH 11, 2019

Jakarta. Indonesia's Chamber of Commerce and Industry, or Kadin, is urging local private companies to help the government reach its Sustainable Development Goals taget by integrating sustainable practices into their operations.

"Sustainable business practices are inseparable from a company's responsibilities, not only to stakeholders, but also to the environment," Kadin head Rosan Roeslani said at the CEO Breakfast Meeting event in Jakarta on Monday (11/03).


Rosan said Kadin has put together a guidebook for private companies on how to implement Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The organization hopes companies can start implementing sustainable business practices and help Indonesia reach its SDGs by 2030.

In 2015, 193 members of the United Nations signed an agreement to adopt 17 sustainable development goals, including eradicating poverty, improving education and health, tackling climate change and strengthening global cooperation.

Following the United Nations agreement, the Indonesian government released Presidential Decree No.59/2017 on sustainable development goals.

"The government has prepared the platform. Now it's time for companies to be more proactive in implementing SDGs. I'm sure we can work together with potential sectors to realize this global agenda," Bayu Krisnamurthi, head of the IPB SDG Network, said.

Real Actions

Sihol Aritonang, president director of Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper (RAPP) – the operating arm of April Group –  said RAPP has already made commitmentsin accordance with the government's sustainability agenda.

He said to reach the goals set by the SDGs and measure the impact of the company's contribution, April Group involved Pricewater House Cooper (PwC) and documented its progress in April's SDG Prioritization and Alignment Report.

"Out of the 14 activities included as part of high priority company actions [in the sustainability agenda], we are focusing on three core aspects and four catalytic aspects of SDG implementation," Sihol said.

The three core aspects are responsible production and consumption, action against climate change and land ecosystem conservation.

"We are working together with related parties to give our best to the country. SDGs give us the framework, the goal alignment, and fortifies what we've been working on this whole time," Sihol said.

Kadin International Relations deputy Shinta Kamdani said the private sector plays a pivotal part in helping Indonesia reach its SDGs.

"Plans can only be realized with the active involvement of the government, companies, academia and non-government organizations. The initiatives and concrete steps taken by private companies show that SDGs and businesses can coexist and even help companies grow," Shinta said.